"Jallikkattu’:-A Kaattu sport and the court.

Friends:In my last blog I was sharing my thoughts with U on Maattu Pongal” and what a beautiful and meaningful thanks giving festival for the live stock it is .But my mind was troubled when news came that people in some areas of Tamilnadu became emotional and were bracing up to defy even Supreme court orders, and then came the news that the Supreme court has revised its own orders and permitted it with some conditions, which, we understand from yesterday’s and today’s news ,that in spite of the officialdom pretending to have followed the conditions ,lots of people were injured{with photo proofs} and one even died.
The fears of Animal protection activists and human protection activists have come true.
Let alone a male point of view of mine.What do the women think?I am quoting and reproducing an email from my niece, a poetess,an accomplished singer,a yoga practitioner and above all a kind hearted human soul connected with many social forums. She is at present in Seattle U.S.:

“This morning news announces 83 men were injured in jallikattu & 1 is in critical condition. I am pained. Are we civilized? There were times when men had to prove their physical strength, (mental) concentration & skills by taming animals, fighting with them & killing them. Their ‘vizhuppuNs‘ were exhibited with great pride & women fell in love with them for this. Are we in the same period now. We have better ways to woo our women. The animals are to be protected. I hate young men ending up in hospitals on a festival day. I do not think anyone will care for them. The injuries are more by stampedes & confusion. They are Vizhundha puN & not vizhupuN. To be frank I’ll not fall for these men (If I were young & eligible!!) who will have cruelty & perversion somewhere in their minds & being proud for the same.”
Now friends, her views may be strong but not wrong. Just for information, her name is Rangam Balaji whose poems have been read by lazygeek
All the best
Partha krish

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One thought on “"Jallikkattu’:-A Kaattu sport and the court.

  1. Jallikattu – The fight is now outside the ringPongal, the harvest festival of Tamil Nadu is also the time for Jallikattu – the traditional bull fight that takes place in Madurai, Tiruchirapalli and Tanjore. Of these the spectacle at Alanganallur, near Madurai, is the most talked about simply because it is the most ferocious. Somehow, there’s so much raw energy in the air at the time of Jallikattu. Even a casual visitor can feel the vibes and horror. Whole villages come to a stand-still at the time of this traditional bull fight. It is considered ‘veera velayattu’, the game of the brave and indeed the game does take immense bravery – to tame a wild bull called the ‘Jallikatu Kalai’. The game involves taming the bull, by locking its horns and getting it to stand still for a short while. The person, who does so, gets the purse or whatever gift the brave one is destined to receive. Today, there is a huge hue and cry to ban this traditional sport that animal rights activists have branded a vile blood sport. True, not only do the bulls that enter the Jallikattu ring suffer a blood bath, some of the participants, often little children do end up in hospital and often in the morgue. So they say there’s no reason why the sport should be banned forthwith. What is your opinion? Vote here to RUN or BAN – This is a link

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